Hit the Road

The aim of the game is to cross over all pedestrians and to organize safe and comfortable traffic. Click on pedestrian to make him go, click again to make him stop. You can regulate the traffic by clicking on the traffic lights. Do not make crashes and traffic jams.

Good luck!

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03:46 15.09.09

I like your shown.


02:26 29.01.10

cool bug, every time I got killed, I move on to the next level :P


04:01 19.02.10

stole from I love Traffice

16:28 06.04.10

kbr ved gf bfn h jn hffnztv 7fdv javi mise n a ze gcv xxv vdc bvbghnbgff gvfnbf ngnhh hnhmkn


03:26 19.04.10

q porra de jogo caralho


11:18 26.06.10



18:10 15.07.10

jogo legau


22:21 26.07.10

esse jogo e uma bosta

maria eduarda

03:08 06.04.11

esse jogo ele e muito e

Eiran Dominic Chadue

17:00 22.11.11

This game is beyond ordinary I wish to keep playing it. I rate it a 4 1/2 to 5.

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Game was played: 28886 times

Rating: 136660.5

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