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In this puzzle game you need to connect all the monitors with the main computer in a right way. All connectors are in blocks, if you want to rotate the connector to the right you need to click on the right side of a block, if you want to rotate the connector to the left press on the left side. When connector in connected it becomes blue.

To play this game you need to figure out the logic. Start from the sides, connectors cant be turned in nowhere. When you figure out the principle of logic of this game you will pass it very quickly.

Make as less moves as you can and spend as less time as you can to get the high scores table.

Good luck!

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17:16 18.08.09

Great game! I love it!


01:27 17.09.09

Great game guys! :) A had a lot of true brain focused fun :) Thank you and waiting for more such games


01:13 20.09.09

I think the victory condition should be that every screen is powered, as advertised. Not that ever piece of cable is powered like it is. I've managed to light every screen on a couple of levels but I didn't win, I had to retry to use every single piece of cable there was on the field.

mar C R

21:25 28.09.09

molt molt molt difisil pero ..... e arribat a fer el nivell 2 I ARA VAIG PEL 3

toni joan

18:36 29.09.09

e arribat a nes lvl 3

mar C R

21:52 29.09.09

toni J e estat apunt de agafarta ui!!!! pero un dia arribare a nes 4 i te superare jeejeje!!!!!!!!!!! :)

mar C R

21:58 01.10.09

s'ordinador de tan difisil k es es joc i de tan de tems k air vaig jugar JA NO ME DEIXE ENTRAR A NES JOC I NO PODRE JUGARI MAI MES!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! :( AAAAAAAA!!


10:38 11.10.09

thank you

17:17 07.04.10

Filiberto Vargas DX 47

03:26 26.03.12

My girlfriend is Stacy Gutierrez.
My brothers are Barush Valdez and Jose Navarro.

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Rating: 5.5

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